My Story

My Story

Raised in a small town in South Dakota. Served as a missionary in Africa. Graduated college with a degree in accounting. After a stint with Deloitte, founded a business with a partner. Eventually, acquired a nationally based franchise company, repositioned it, scaled it, sold it, and then abandoned the San Francisco Bay Area for the scenic the Northern California Sierra Foothills seeking a slower paced life and to be closer to one of our daughters and grandchildren.

Before long, boredom set in. This led to launching the Business Exit Stories Podcast where dealmakers are interviewed and share their good and bad (and some really ugly) war stories about the deals they’ve facilitated. The podcast highlights heartbreaking stories of entrepreneurs that lost it all when they botched their exit, as well as some over-the-fence homerun exits. These exit stories provide insights, hints, and tips for entrepreneurs enabling them to properly position their business for an eventual successful and profitable exit.

One of the saddest things that I witness is when entrepreneurs, many of whom spent decades – and in some cases a lifetime, with their nose to the grindstone but failed to develop a strategy to position their business for an exit. This situation led me to analyze the data from hundreds of deal stories that have been shared on the podcast, my decades of business experience, and several of my own business exits, to identify patterns of what needs to be done to be able entrepreneurs to properly position their business for a profitable exit.

My new mission in life is to write a book and develop a system to help entrepreneurs optimize their exit value enabling them to enhance their post-exit lifestyle.


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